1. Animation Breakdown Roundup SOLD OUT! Twice Even!

    OK I feel like I’ve earned bragging rights and horn tooting so WTF here goes:

    Alexander McDonald and I pulled off last night the second of two sold out screenings of our inaugural animated shorts show, Animation Breakdown Roundup, over at The Cinefamily.  Huge thanks to those that came out!  Please stay tuned!  There’s more to come in November and hopefully every year going forward. It was really inspiring to see so many people come out on a Friday night to watch weird/beautiful/funny/dark/amazing animation by super talented independent filmmakers! YAY! ANIMATION!!!

    Here’s an interview we did with Cartoon Brew where we talk about what we’re trying to do.  We’re hoping to continue these shows and maybe take it to other cities.

    In case you didn’t realize, animation is booming on all fronts!  Personally, I’m really grateful to play whatever little parts of this boom I can in both the independent side and commercial side.  Thank you, Animation Gods!



  2. Suzy Bishop & the Borrowed Barrington

    Digital print I did for the Wes Anderson tribute art show curated by the awesome Nico Colaleo.  8x10 giclee, $19 cheep, edition of 7.

  3. Animation Breakdown Roundup #1 is official!  Saturday March 8!  9:30pm!

    Killer lineup of filmmakers and films!  Over 90 minutes of amazing animated shorts!  Watch the trailer and buy your tix - NOW before it’s too late!  Further details and exclamation marks coming very soon.

  4. Please check out this K-pop music video I directed for Korean pop star icon Jong Shin Yoon.  The lyrics are about love at first sight and the goal was to express that visually… in a unique way. 

    Mark this day as the day that Fuzzy was born unto the world.

  5. "Davros Spilled"
    8x10 fluorescent acrylic painting I did for a Dr. Who tribute art show at Meltdown Gallery in Hollywood, CA.  For sale!



  6. Tetsujin Tiger Seven Neon

    8” x 10” painting done for Q Pop Shop’s Tokusatsu 2 tribute art show.  This guy is from a Japanese super hero show called Tetsujin Tiger 7.  It’s pretty rad.  I recommend it!

    Did this without any computer aid this time.  Lack of “undo” command was hard to get used to (lame, I know).  Also this time used fluorescent gouaches instead of acrylics. 

  7. Animated loop made for http://www.loopdeloop.org - The music is original and done in loving tribute to John Carpenter and Alan Howarth. Any similarities to persons living or dead are the result of the chip implanted in your brain by the Illuminati.

  8. Punk Rock Ewok is Frustrated!  Another animated loop for http://www.loopdeloop.org giving myself limited time to do something.  This month’s theme was Frustration.


  9. Sacred Neon Heart

    Here is a digital piece that I submitted for a group show but was rejected.  How can you reject Jesus?  Look at those eyes?  We’ll get em next time JC!  WWLFD (what would Lisa Frank do)?

  10. Little animation loop I did for this awesome monthly animation contest called LoopdeLoop: http://loopdeloop.org .  Check it out - there’s way better stuff on there than mine.  This is really my first time trying to do animation so, hey, better to try than to not.