1. I had the great pleasure and privilege of playing theremin for my peeps at Nickelodeon last night.  I have much to be grateful for and thought I’d express my gratitude by performing our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner… on the theremin.

  2. I had an amazing, exhausting, exhilarating time at SPX last weekend!  Great seeing all the awesome comics and art being produced at this time in history and meeting so many talented artists and wonderful friendly comics professionals and fellow fans.  THANK YOU SPX!! 

    Sadly, I missed the monumental wedding of Simon Hanselmann and “Comics” wherein Gary Groth sealed the deal on behalf of “Comics” for a few passionate minutes!  But I did manage to catch the cutting of the cake! 

    Congratulations Simon and Comics!  May you live happily ever after!


  3. Neon Jambi

    This is a fluorescent acrylic piece I did for awesome Erika Paget’s killer Pee Wee Herman Tribute Show in July at Meltdown Comics.  Did a two step process of drawing digitally, and then painting it traditionally.  So here’s the “before/digital” version, followed by the “after/painted” version.  I majorly goofed in case you spot it, plus I’m just a piss-poor painter.  Show was great!  So many awesome artists!

  4. Animation Fans!  We have two more screenings for our Animation Breakdown Roundup show (from March 8th) in case you live in or near Brooklyn, NY or Providence, RI.  Please spread the rumors, which are true.

    We’re very proud to be included in both of these festivals: Animation Block Party and Rhode Island Independent Print Expo (RIPE)!  From LA to you, with love!

    July 25, 2014 
    Animation Block Party in Brooklyn NY

    August 2, 2014
    Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI
    Presented by Peter Glantz and The Columbus Theatre
    In association with the Rhode Island Independent Print Expo (RIPE)


  5. Might as Well Gambit!

    Just in time for the new X-Men movie, Brandon Bird curated X-Mans, an insane/awesome art show based on a surreal X-Men coloring book he found.  I did a piece for it but wasn’t able to get it done in time so I share with you three versions of it as I was struggling to arrive at a composition I liked.  I really struggled with this one  Hopefully you’ll get something out of it despite my personal failure.

    Here is the original coloring book page it was based on:



  6. Animation Breakdown Roundup SOLD OUT! Twice Even!

    OK I feel like I’ve earned bragging rights and horn tooting so WTF here goes:

    Alexander McDonald and I pulled off last night the second of two sold out screenings of our inaugural animated shorts show, Animation Breakdown Roundup, over at The Cinefamily.  Huge thanks to those that came out!  Please stay tuned!  There’s more to come in November and hopefully every year going forward. It was really inspiring to see so many people come out on a Friday night to watch weird/beautiful/funny/dark/amazing animation by super talented independent filmmakers! YAY! ANIMATION!!!

    Here’s an interview we did with Cartoon Brew where we talk about what we’re trying to do.  We’re hoping to continue these shows and maybe take it to other cities.

    In case you didn’t realize, animation is booming on all fronts!  Personally, I’m really grateful to play whatever little parts of this boom I can in both the independent side and commercial side.  Thank you, Animation Gods!



  7. Suzy Bishop & the Borrowed Barrington

    Digital print I did for the Wes Anderson tribute art show curated by the awesome Nico Colaleo.  8x10 giclee, $19 cheep, edition of 7.

  8. Animation Breakdown Roundup #1 is official!  Saturday March 8!  9:30pm!

    Killer lineup of filmmakers and films!  Over 90 minutes of amazing animated shorts!  Watch the trailer and buy your tix - NOW before it’s too late!  Further details and exclamation marks coming very soon.

  9. Please check out this K-pop music video I directed for Korean pop star icon Jong Shin Yoon.  The lyrics are about love at first sight and the goal was to express that visually… in a unique way. 

    Mark this day as the day that Fuzzy was born unto the world.

  10. "Davros Spilled"
    8x10 fluorescent acrylic painting I did for a Dr. Who tribute art show at Meltdown Gallery in Hollywood, CA.  For sale!